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The Pacific: A classic blue oceans globe

Waypoint Geographic Pacific II Illuminated Globe

Geography is an important part of the human experience. Through maps, charts and globes we seek to develop an understanding of the vast world around us. A beautiful classic globe like the Pacific from Waypoint Geographic is a great option for learning about the world and referring to various place mentioned in the media and [read more]

MagneGlobe – Magnetic Globe

Waypoint Geographic MagnegGlobe - Blue (boxed)

The Blue MagneGlobe is a 9- inch metal sphere that features blue oceans and vibrantly colored landmasses. There are a few hundred relevant geographic landmarks, references, borders and topographical features. A stainless steel stand at a diagonal inclination supports the sphere so that it can be rotated to the left or right for complete access [read more]

Mariner Globe | Waypoint Geographic Signature Series

Waypoint Geographic Mariner Globe

The Mariner is a 12-inch blue oceans sphere mounted on a two- tiered circular wooden stand. The silver finished, semi-meridian completes the look. Political boundaries and landmarks are updated and relevant. Waypoint Geographic cartography is unique because a level of ocean topography is provided that is not found on most globes. For a beautiful classic [read more]

The Lyon Floor Standing Blue Oceans Globe

Waypoint Geographic Lyon Globe - Blue

The Lyon Globe is a 15-inch illuminated floor globe that features several thousand geographic landmarks and descriptions. Borders, topographical features, and detailed cartography make this an excellent reference tool. The illumination enhances the detailed cartography of the map. The sphere is mounted on a slender wooden stand and features a full meridian. This makes navigation [read more]

Safari Explorer Blue Oceans Animals Globe

Waypoint Geographic Safari Explorer Blue Animals Globe

The Safari Explorer Blue Oceans Animals Globe is a 10-inch illuminated desktop perfect for a little boy who loves animals and geography. The entire sphere is a vibrant, brilliant blue. There are over one hundred depictions of animals, landmarks and other fascinating illustrations covering the globe. An internal LED allows this delightful tool to serve [read more]

The Maranello Floor Standing Blue Oceans Globe

Waypoint Geographic Maranello Globe – Blue

For a classic yet modern globe the Maranello is an excellent choice. A large and impressive piece to grace an entryway or boardroom. The Maranello is a masterful accompaniment to any space that can accommodate it. This illuminated floor standing globe features blue oceans and the latest topography and cartography. A 20 inch sphere rests [read more]