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Odyssey Globe: Waypoint Geographic Signature Series

Waypoint Geographic Odyssey II Illuminated Globe

The Odyssey Globe is one of the blue ocean globes of the Waypoint Geographic Signature Collection. The 12-inch sphere is mounted on a cherry finished wooden pagoda style stand. A silver finished, numbered semi-meridian makes finding places quite easy. An exclusive feature to the Waypoint Geographic maps is ocean floor cartography. Outlined at the base [read more]

Voyager Desktop Globe: Waypoint Signature Collection

Waypoint Geographic Voyager Globe

The Waypoint Geographic Voyager Desktop Globe is another beautiful piece from our Waypoint Geographic Signature collection. The wooden stand features an octagonal shape. A bronze finished semi-meridian compliments the various colors of countries and continents. There is both aesthetic appeal and functional reference value with this one of a kind globe. There are over 4,000 [read more]

Mariner II Illuminated Globe: Waypoint Geographic Signature Collection

Waypoint Geographic Mariner II Illuminated Globe

The Mariner II Globe is a part of the Waypoint Geographic Signature collection. This 12-inch globe features blue oceans and a numbered semi-meridian. Waypoint Geographic maps include a significant amount of detail within the cartography. There are over 4,000 descriptions included. Political boundaries, landmarks and other features are designated. All of the descriptions are updated [read more]

The Atlantic Desktop Globe by Waypoint Geographic

Waypoint Geographic Atlantic Globe

For a simple, minimalistic desktop globe look no further. This antique oceans 12 inch sphere features the latest topography and oceanography. A Bronze finished semi-meridian, is numbered so that coordinates can be plotted. The Atlantic Desktop globe is a beautiful classic globe. Waypoint Geographic products feature detailed oceanography a reference value not included in many [read more]

The Pacific: A classic blue oceans globe

Waypoint Geographic Pacific II Illuminated Globe

Geography is an important part of the human experience. Through maps, charts and globes we seek to develop an understanding of the vast world around us. A beautiful classic globe like the Pacific from Waypoint Geographic is a great option for learning about the world and referring to various place mentioned in the media and [read more]

Mariner Globe | Waypoint Geographic Signature Series

Waypoint Geographic Mariner Globe

The Mariner is a 12-inch blue oceans sphere mounted on a two- tiered circular wooden stand. The silver finished, semi-meridian completes the look. Political boundaries and landmarks are updated and relevant. Waypoint Geographic cartography is unique because a level of ocean topography is provided that is not found on most globes. For a beautiful classic [read more]